We believe that strategic recruitment requires close and careful management, consequently your senior project partner will manage the entire search process personally.

Exceptional candidates are often comfortable where they are, and they are not sitting around waiting for a “headhunter” to call. Our consultants are reputable, credible and empathetic, and therefore we can get access to the right people and speak to them with confidence about career opportunities.
On request, we can include personality analysis instruments, such as Reiss-Profile®, DISC®, MSA® or INSIGHTS®, into the decision-making process.

  • Industry specialization. "We are able to precisely calibrate the coordinates..."
  • Solution diversity and diligence. "What is predictable is achievable." (Einstein)
  • All our consultants are management-level partners.
  • Clear customer focus and service commitment.
  • Our search- and selection-methodologies.
  • Extensive database and sophisticated search-models support our professional, industry-experienced recruiters.
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Interim managers are dedicated to the professional implementation of your goals. They objectively follow your plan and leave the company after successfully completing their task. With years of practical experience, operational skills, a neutral approach to problem-analysis and the actualization of strategic concepts, they offer a high degree of professionalism combined with social competence, leadership skills and functionally persuasive authority. Interim managers do not represent a long-term cost, and they are an appropriate recruitment solution for:

  • Restructuring
  • M & A Process
  • Project Management for Special Projects
  • Company Succession
  • Vacancy Bridging
  • "Unsuspicious" Neutral Analysts

Our extensive databases include managers and professionals from all industries with a proven track record in interim management.