Roosevelt & Compagnie - your search is over!

Welcome to Roosevelt & COMPAGNIE, a nationwide team of experts made up of personnel consultants, management consultants and recruiters with offices in Frankfurt, Friedberg, Wiesbaden and Düsseldorf.

Our clients engage us in particular when it comes to challenging and discreet appointments to demanding and important management, specialist and supervisory board positions.

Our expertise lies in the areas of laboratory companies, banks, insurance companies, consulting companies, capital management companies, tax consulting and auditing companies, law firms, hospitals, IT and outsourcing service providers, telecommunications companies, media and the automotive industry.

Various services such as executive search , advertisement-based personnel search, direct contact or our database and web-based recruiting as well as job offers on various platforms are available to you in order to successfully fill your open vacancies, depending on the task.

Executive search and recruiting is a matter for the boss!

We are convinced that good personnel consulting is a matter for the boss. Therefore, your individual contact person personally takes care of the search process. Naturally, good candidates do not have to change positions and do not wait for a "headhunter" to call. Only if you act as a serious, credible and empathetic advisor can you get access to the right people and be able to talk about career opportunities with confidence . If you wish, we can use your preferred personality instrument such as Reiss Profile, DiSC or Insights for you.

  • Industry specialization. "We set the coordinates precisely..."
  • Variety of solutions and diligence. "What is conceivable is also feasible (Einstein)"
  • Only our boss partners act for you
  • Our search and selection methodologies
  • The clear customer orientation and service readiness
  • Complex, extensive and up-to-date database and search models support our professional recruiters with industry experience

Our core competencies lie in our industry know-how and the structured methodology for identifying, addressing, selecting and presenting suitable top candidates, whether for permanent employment or as an interim and project solution. In doing so, we consider both the professional and personal qualifications of the candidates as well as the cultural and organizational conditions of our clients in order to present a selection of outstandingly suitable employees.

Trusted partnerships grow from mandates!

Our mandates result in long-term, partnership-based business relationships based on mutual trust. Our clients, candidates, employees and business partners value us as a loyal, fair, open, honest, successful, competent and reliable partner.

Corporate social responsibility concerns us all!

Roosevelt & CIE is committed to social and environmental projects as part of its “Corporate Social Responsibility”.

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